Marine, Dam & River Field Measurements

• Design and supervising of measurement projects
• Wave parameters measurements, wave data analysis and wave rose depiction
• Depth profile of current direction and velocity measurement, current data analysis and two dimensional grid depiction of flow
• Local tide measurements, tidal data analysis and local tide prediction for future years
• Local current measurements using float tracking system and regional flow pattern depiction
• Measurement of suspended sediment and solid materials in water
• Measurement of transported sediment from seabed, river and dam
• Collecting samples of disturbed and undisturbed sediment from seabed, river and dam
• Water sampling from different depths
• Determination of physical and chemical parameters of water
• Measurement of parameters related to weather
• Measurements related to environmental impact assessment of the sea, river and dam
• Supervising and consultation of procurement proper equipment for the sea, river and dam measurements and training and installation of equipment