Message from The President


We, DNP Engineering International Co., are now celebrating our 16th year anniversary, the first consulting engineering company in Iran which has been measuring marine basic necessary technical data. Since then, we have been contributing to a safer and better design for clients, especially in developing this field in our country and as a leading player among other consulting engineers in Iran and also as a professional development consultant in extending official development assistance to the government.

Our business is what is called as “Engineering Consulting Services”, Consulting engineers are always required to accurately grasp the social and economic issues of developing countries and should be able to propose comprehensive solutions based on the highest standards and proven technologies. We also understand that developing countries do not need any proposal which does not match their culture or otherwise neglect local needs. Taking their nature, culture, history and economic circumstances into consideration, it is thus our mission to propose the best solution to their development problems. We always take their hands and endeavor to support their sustainable development.

Our first full-fledged work as DNP Company began back in 1985 with Port and Maritime Organization as the national project to measure all engineering marine data in Chabahar bay in Sistan and Baluchestan province. The project involved marine monitoring and modeling of Sistan and Bushehr provinces in Iranian seas. Since then, we have built a friendly relationship with the Port and Maritime Organization (PMO).

Today, engineering consulting services are becoming more diverse and complex; for example, recovery and reconstruction from natural disasters, peacebuilding after conflicts and development of business implementation schemes through public‑private‑partnerships. However, with sincerity and teamwork and developing our company to Environmental Impact and Fishery working, we are confident that we could always provide high value‑added engineering consulting services wherever and whenever needed.